Increase Your Google Search Rankings With These Simple Steps

Your website holds its relevance among your customer only till they can find it in their search results. According to a study by ( Moz,) the top ranker of Google SERPs gets around 33% click throughs and the first page receives around of 72% of all clicks on SERPs.

This means that you are losing around 67% of your potential customers if you are not ranking top on google. Consequently, ranking high on SERP has become indispensable for any business working hard to grow its business footprint.

Keeping that in mind, lets discuss 10 smart ways you can increase your google search rankings. One more thing to keep in mind though- It takes time. According to a study by Aherfs, on an average, a new webpage takes almost 2 years to get into top 10 rankings. So, you must not accept rapid changes, but continue to do improvements, and slowly but surely, you will see your webpage go higher and higher on search results.

So here is a list of 10 things you can do to make your page rank better on google searches:

Improve your website user experience

According to Semrush’s Ranking Factors 2.0 study, the four biggest factors that contribute to your rankings are direct website visits, Time on site, Pages per session and bounce rate, all of which are directly associated with how good your website feel to your audience. Thus, it is very important to give your website users an amazing experience so that they stay and come back. So., how to make your website’s user experience better? Here is a checklist of things you should keep in mind:

  • Improve your page’s loading time.

If its too slow, the user will just skip to another website.

  • Make a simple user interface.

Gimmicky navigation styles and other stylizing gimmicks doesn’t help your website at all.

  • Do not play with the scrolling physics.

It does not help. And its just a cumbersome gimmick for your customer who are trying to reach at a certain point on your website. Not only that, it also makes your website laggy. So please, don’t do it

  • Produce relevant content and mention it clearly in the webpage description

If a user comes expecting some information and finds out that your website doesn’t have what it promised on the search page, they will immediately leave your site. So, produce relevant, high quality content for your users so that they contribute to your time on site stat, not your bounce rate

  • Optimize for mobile browser

According to statistia, mobile browsers accounts for approximately half the website traffic worldwide. So, having a good website optimized for mobile user is a must. .

Perform an SEO audit

SEO means search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, It Optimizes your website for search engines. Search engines rank your website by seeing how relevant it is to the search query. For this, it crawls through your website and the algorithms look for various factors on your website. SEO optimizes your website for crawlers so that they can find relevant information easier, and faster. SEO greatly affects the ranking of your website, so performing an SEO audit for your website is a must. While SEO is a big topic in itself, here is a basic checklist for a simple SEO audit

  1. Use h1 tags. H1 tags or heading 1 tags reflects the topic of your website. It makes it easier for crawlers to understand the relevance of your content for a given search query.
  2. Use title tag. Contents under the title tag shows up as the title of your website on the search page.
  3. Use meta description . It shows up as the description for your content on the search engine page
  4. Use relevant keywords. Keywords suggest the topics that your web page touches. Using relevant keywords can hugely affect your SERPs impressions

Optimize your images

Optimizing image reduces loading time. And not only that, you can use keywords for images as well, thus giving more weight to your webpage. Compress your images and make sure and make sure it has an alt text

Use outbound links

Citing other credible website on your website as citations can also lend credibility to your website. Using outbound hyperlinks to credible websites would mean that your sources are from credible websites and consequently would increase the credibility of your own website.

You can also use outbound links to send your audience to other pages on your own websites, through internal links. This would increase impressions, and thus rankings.

Make use of Social media to generate more traffic

More website means better rankings and social media gives you free real estate to post your content for thousands of people to see and follow. According to Hootsuite’s ‘We are Social’ report 2020, there are around 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. That Is around half the world population in our reach. Thus, Social media can be very useful to generate traffic to your website. Make sure you make clickable quality content that is sharable and what people would want to read. Today is a content driven world and relevant content is always sought after.

These were some simple steps you can take to make your website rank higher on SERPs. All you need is continuous updates and patience and surely you’ll see consistent growth on your website rankings.